Wednesday, August 30, 2006

travel : Iceland〜pt.3

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and the world's most northern one. I heard that Reykjavik is famous for its nightlife, I guess nothing compares to Spanish nightlife but maybe we should give it a try.

I expect this city like a lovely northern town without pollution. And as it concentrates the half population (that's quite a lot) and has history of over ten centuries, well there must be many things to see.

This church is the tallest building.

I think Viking tradition is also interesting. I imagine them like pirates, but also like nomad in the sea, and it's pity that they couldn't keep their values and independent spirit as Mongols did. I would like to read some books of Viking adventures, does anybody know good one?

To end it for today, the food. I'm sure Icelandic cuisine can give us the pleasure of eating, since they use the fresh fish (and lamb) as the main ingredients. It's curious when sometimes we can find out the between two totally different cultures. In the case of Japan and Iceland, they two are island nations formed by volcanic activities, people eat fish a lot, hot springs, etc..

to be continued

Monday, August 28, 2006

one shot : Green Park, London

I took this picture. What a wonderful stroll people can have in London. I envy the people living in that city.

I think rain is absolutely worthy when we can see the parks like that.

Friday, August 25, 2006

sound : Twista / Hope

I loved this song since the first time I heard it. Since the first time I heard the introduction. I bought Twista's powerful album Kamikaze for just one pound, that's reasonable, isn't it? I bought it in the library where sometimes used CDs were in sale. It's quite good album, but the best song is this one. In his album, the featured artist is not Faith Evans but male musician Cee-Lo and his soft voice matches very much the song and it's relaxing to hear him. This Faith Evans' version is more strong because she is absolutely soulful, she's great. But after all, the best of this song is its track and Twista's rap. The track is heartwarming and the sound of the guitar is so soft... However his rap is aggressive, he raps like a machine-gun (
he was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's fastest rapper), I'll say "my English is perfect" when I understand everything when Twista is rapping. The lyrics are very meaningful as he wrote it in memory of Twin Towers attack. Although that is not my favorite theme, I wish a lot of good things, as he does, although it's like dream. The hook is like that:

Cuz I'm hopeful, yes I am, hopeful for today,
Take this music and use it
Let it take you away,
And be hopeful (hopeful) and he'll make a way
I know it ain't easy but that's okay.
Let's be hopeful!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

travel : Iceland〜pt.2

And I don't know why you all don't want to join me in a future travel to Iceland. So today I'm going to make you want to, writing about the four national park of Iceland.

Jökulsárgljúfur National Park

This park is situated in the north of the country and it is formed by diverse canyon and volcanic mountains. 8000 years ago, a volcano erupted directly beneath the river causing powerful explosion with fire, gas and water.

Skaftafell National Park

This one is situated in the south of Iceland. It looks like Alps, but it is also made by fire and water. Here is the curious waterfall Svartifoss, look the difference between summer and winter:

Snæfellsjökull National Park

This one is around the tall volcano with glacier called Snæfell, in the western Iceland. It resembles Fujiyama in Japan. Did you know that aliens land here when they come to the Earth? This volcano has special power inside, I heard it. It should be a kind of Mordor or something.

Þingvellir National Park

In the southwest of Iceland, Þingvellir is also UNESCO World Heritage Site. This place is famous because of its history (there were huge gatherings) and nature (you can find a lot of rifts in the ground). Reading things, for me it seems to be the concentration of the best Icelandic things (although it doesn't mean that we can miss another places!... maybe that sentence isn't fair at all!).

Fire and water, that's the point guys! OK, the lesson is finished because I must stop dropping the bombs of pictures! Oh yes, You can go home.

to be continued

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

goods : powerball

This is bloody funny. Do you know what is powerball? I don't know how to explain it, so I'm gonna copipe (copy and paste in Japanese :P) from wikipedia.

At the all, it is a gyroscopic toy sold commercially as a wrist exerciser device or as powerball. It can be started with a short rip string or by a snap of the thumb. Once the gyroscope inside is going fast enough, a person holding it in his hand can accelerate the gyroscope to incredibly high revs by following a circular wrist motion with the device.

All right? OK, that is not easy to know how it is like, but for me it's one of most original toys I've ever seen.

Someone gave my sister's boyfriend this thing and we all were like "I want it, too", like when kids envy another kid's candy. And we satisfied ourselves and bought it. It's good to waste the time and do an exercises with your wrist.

And check the video because it's amazing. He's a monster!!

Don't mention that this is for another kind of skills.

I bought it for my father's birthday and he liked it. I've never thought my sister and I would give him a toy!!

この必見グッズは「パワーボール」と言いまして、最強玩具でございます。なんて説明すればいいかよく分からんのだけど、テニスボールくらいのボールの中で(多分)ボールが回転すのね。その力を利用して手首を鍛えるおもちゃなんですよ。よく分からないと思うけどビデオみたいな感じ。チョー面白い。兄ちゃん姉ちゃんおすすめっすよ。怪しいと思う人は・・・(# ゚Д゚) 思えばいいじゃん!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

one shot : El Paso, Texas

This picture is one of my favorites, perhaps it is not a award winning picture taken by a Leika Camera, but it is specially memorable one for me.
Ésta es una de mis fotografías de mucho recuerdo. Claro que artísticamente no tiene nada pero vamos, que cada vez que la veo me río un poco.

That very very handsome model is 20 years old me and the photographer is my aunt's husband, so my American uncle. I had a sort of driving excursion with them in El Paso, where they live. The top of hill was great, it was a sunny day and we could see all El Paso in one sight, and Mexico as well, my aunt showed me it, and yes, their flag is indeed very big. You can see it in the picture! For first time I saw a real border.
 20歳の時にテキサスはエルパソに遊びに行ったんですけど、実は母の方の親戚が住んでてね、この写真はそのアメリカ人の伯父さんが撮ってくれたものなんす。滞在中に車で色んな所に連れてってもらったんだけど、エルパソを見渡せるなんか丘みたいな所にもドライビングしてもらって、そこで撮ってもらったんよ。向こう側に見えるのがメキシコの領土。デカイ旗が見えるべw この目で国境を見たのは初めてかもしれないと感動したもんです。
La persona soy yo, cuando tenía 20 años. Estuve de visita en El Paso, al sur de Texas, porque tengo una familia allí. Me sacó la foto pues mi tío americano. Me llevaron de excursión por muchos sitios, a pesar de la corta estancia. Y una vez estuvimos en esa colina de la foto, por donde se ve toda la ciudad y se ve hasta México. En la foto incluso se ve la gran bandera de los mexicanos!! Mi tía decía "mira qué orgullosos son!!" jejeje

So there I asked my uncle to take me a picture (because my aunt is afraid of the height, she stayed in the car!! charming!), so he took my camera delightfully and found a place to shot. He was ready and so was I. And well, I realized about a little inconvenience, he's over seventy and his hands were inevitably shaking. Thus I was like "ohh, what a pity, the picture is gonna be blurred", but of course I didn't tell him anything, he was making an effort and I really appreciated that.
Y bueno, allí mismo le pedí a mi tío que me sacara una foto, porque mi tía se había quedado en el coche, tiene miedo a la altura!! Mi tío se preparó, encontró buen sitio para tomar, todos preparados y me di cuenta de algo. Pues que él ya es un poco mayor y que no podía fijar la cámara con sus manos. Así que estaba convencido de que la foto iba a salir borrosa.

But then I checked the picture and it was just perfect! I guess I underrated his Veteran experience and power! I was a little bit ashamed about doubting him but I was wrong. He did it great!
Pero me llevé una sorpresa al comprobarla, porque como véis, estaba perfecta! Supongo que subestimé el poder de un veterano (de guerra y sobre todo de la vida).

And there is another shot, I made it and now the person is my uncle. It was in a big mall, and we were shopping to buy something for my Spanish family. I became accustomed shopping (my mother and sister are guilty) but my uncle must find shopping very boring, so he preferred to wait us in the bench! He is stylish with that hut, boots and jeans.
He aquí otra foto de recuerdo. Es mi tío esperándonos en el centro comercial. Los hombres somos todos así eh! Y me encanta ese estilo de vaquero.

Unfortunately, he passed away last week. I could meet him only few times in my life because of the distance, but he was always pleasant with me, he was always smiling and joking, certainly agreeable person. Very American. The only thing I regret is that I couldn't talk much with him because I was a little bit shy and wasn't confident talking in English. But the fact is that I'm lucky because I can keep all good memories about him, like all the driving journey or the time when he took me to his caravan to show me that and to watch his beloved western films on TV. I pray so he can rest in peace. I heard that his body is wearing his Air Force uniform, I'm sure that, as always, he's elegant.
Desafortunadamente, mi tío falleció la semana pasada. Lo bueno es que hace un año y medio he tenido la suerte y el placer de pasar unos días juntos, con él y con su familia. Y con ese recuerdo y con el de la infancia, siempre guardaré memorias bonitas y afables.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

travel : Iceland〜pt.1

As the Spanish football team played against Icelandic team yesterday, I'm gonna talk about Iceland. The football match finished at 22.00 and the sunset hadn't come yet, and the daylight was still very strong! I really would like to see the sun around the earth 24 hours in the Arctic... yeah I know that isn't Iceland. And Okay, the match was unworthy one, 0-0.

Visiting Iceland is one of my dreams, yes, I've got to go. I'd like to travel (and live! why not?!) there so much that I created a web page of that country (it's in Spanish). Actually it was a homework of a subject in the university, but I think I did it amazingly good! Nobody has ever sent me a message, but that's OK, because I had good qualification with that... Anyway, I don't know why but I always found that country very attractive, and you know, when I say "I want to go to Iceland" people tell me "you listen too much Björk" but she is not the main attraction, furthermore, it's obvious that I can't meet her in Iceland!! So what's the point to go to Iceland only for her? I love the Icelandic music scene, not only Björk but also Sigur Rós and Múm, their music are very warm and I love their way to use electronic elements. But that is not the only reason.

So what is the main reason? That's its landscapes and hot springs! Iceland is an island nation and the country has big volcanic activities, as my home Japan,. And Iceland is just south of Arctic Circle, so almost 10% of the land is covered by ice. These elements and others make stunningly beautiful landscapes, like fjords in the coastline, volcanoes, lakes, rivers, glaciers, and all that jazz. Oh, don't forget hot springs.

The history of Iceland started in 9th and 10th century, the island was uninhabited by humans before, and now it occupies the second place on the Human Development Index. Its territory is about 100,000 km² and population about 300,000. Good place to live for sure, if you don't mind how cold is there, don't you think?

to be continued

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

ミッドナイトホテル(仮 : 海で見たタトゥー







「あん?どれどれ(´∀`)」 と見てみると、その辺で泳いでた青年の首には、タ トゥーが。遠いしなんか雑だし、それこそ「なんじゃありゃ」って感じだったんですけど、確かに日本語っぽい。気になって気になってしょうがないので、近づ いてみました。あっちは「おいおい海だろ海って広いだろそんな近づいてくんなよ怪しいよアンタ」って感じだったと思います。っていうか海って広いよね、あ とバレンシアの砂浜もすっごく広いんです。なのにうちらが敷いたタオルから約20センチの所の他のグループが座り込みやがって・・・インティマシーはど こ?












2006年08月21日(月) 1時15分


2006年08月21日(月) 1時17分



2006年08月21日(月) 5時37分


2006年08月29日(火) 3時05分

2006年08月29日(火) 18時33分

2006年08月29日(火) 18時34分



2006年10月08日(日) 9時18分

2006年10月09日(月) 3時18分

Monday, August 14, 2006

one shot : Natalie Portman

She's 25, jewish actress, Amidala in the big Star Wars, Mathilda in magnificent Léon. I think her best role was in Anywhere But Here, although it's nearly soup-opera.

I can't say I like Natalie Portman. She's pretty cute I admit that of course, even when she shaved her hair she was gorgeous, not every woman can show off like that. But I can't be sympathizer of her way to act. Her appearance in my beloved Cold Mountain was depressing for me.

OK, and this film came: Closer, which wasn't as good as I expected, but I fell in love with this shot:

She plays stripper in this film and... that bar, that blond wig, that face like "Oh my God they found me!" were really awesome. I don't know if it was in obscene way or not but I was shocked!

金髪ウィッグのストリッパー、ナタリー・ポートマン。 (;´Д`)ええ写真じゃ・・・

Saturday, August 12, 2006

art : Ignacio Pinazo

Hello!! It seems the temperature is getting down here, I already miss the summer (´・ω・`)

What was your favorite subject when you were studying? I loved Latin, geography... but actually my favorite subject depended on the teacher, maybe I'm easily influenced. The more the teacher was good, well, not only good but also enthusiastic, the more I was interested in all the stuff.

The last year of the university, some friends and I chose History of Spanish Art, and it was good decision because of the teacher.

I was very disappointed with Art of Valencia which I studied the year before, because it was like teacher speaking alotofthingstogether and we were just copying all the things he said and I didn't learn anything, oh it was absolutely boring. I felt asleep all the time. And of course, the art history is too long to finish it in few month, so we gave up in the middle of all.

But this time I was lucky. I don't remember his name, maybe Jose, maybe Miguel, I know I'm ungrateful(;´Д`), but that teacher was the best. I think every teacher must be like him. He loved his job, he loved what he was teaching,
and he treated us good. He knew we had just few months, so he chose some topics to be studied deeply. Furthermore, he picked up (relatively) modern arts. It permitted us to continue studying, more and less, what we were studying the year before.

And today I'm gonna show you the painter of his life: Ignacio Pinazo. The teacher loved so much this artist who is not very popular, so he took few weeks to tell us his paintings... actually I'm sure he was feeling the orgasm when he was talking about him!! And you know, it made me like his paintings!!

This is his Autorretrato (self-portrait/自画像), 1899.

Ignacio Pinazo was born in Valencia in 1849 and died in 1916 at Godella. He was good painter, whatever the theme is. Historical theme wasn't his liking but look, this is his Los últimos momentos del Rey Don Jaime el Conquistador (The last moments of the King James I the Conqueror/征服王ハイメ1世の最期), 1881.

For me that's very splendid.

But after all, his style is painting scenes of daily life. He had influenced to the big Sorolla. Our teacher told us that he isn't popular, maybe because he was not ambitious at all. He was humble. I don't know much about arts, but I believe it because all his paintings are quiet and charming in my eyes. Look this cute girl!

Juegos icarios (I don't know how to translate it, maybe Icarus' Games/イカロスの遊び?), 1877

Niña (Girl/女の子), 1880; heartbreaking one.

Mujeres bañándose (Women bathing/女の海水浴), 1890

Merienda en la playa (Lunch at the beach/浜辺でのおやつ), 1891


Saturday, August 05, 2006

fun : tomate y soyaya

Veréis, no soy fan de operación tufo, digo triunfo, en absoluto. Recuerdo que cuando echaban la primera edición y todo el mundo en mi clase cantaba "a tu laaado me sieeento segurooo", os juro que no podía contenerme, no de lágrima sino de ira. Pues bien, tengo que confesar que he seguido la última edición de tele5. Me pasó lo mismo con Gran Hermano. Pues últimamente me dejo que me bombardeen con esa tontería.

Me desvío, pues a mí me gustaba Soraya, porque cantaba bien y porque todos la odiaban por su forma de ser. Y no me gustaba Sergio. No sé por qué siempre voy contra corriente. Su disco? Dios mío ni siquiera me he interesado. Pero siempre me ha gustado verla, además me parece guapa y todo.

Los que estáis en España seguro que sabréis de lo último de esta mujer, pero para los que no, dejo este vídeo, me meo, la verdad es que me van estas tonterías! La canción se llama Poyeya, y la cantante de Soyaya.


で、最近テレビに出た時のビデオなんだけど、この人が「Por ella(ポル・エジャ)」(意→彼女のために)って歌詞を歌う度に「Poyeya(ポジェジャ)」(意→意味なしwwwww)ってガチで聞こえるから「コイツバカじゃん」って感じですごくスペインで叩かれてんのwwwwくだらなくて面白い。ってか名前まで「ソジャジャ」って呼ばれるようになっちゃってカワイソスwwww

Friday, August 04, 2006

ミッドナイトホテル(仮 : グロ注意









 ところでミッドナイト・ホテル2を再開しました。日本語、スペイン語、英語を駆使・・・できるかなw。リンク先にあるのでね。「英語で日記を書くといい よ」という中学時代の英語の先生の言う事を今更聞いてみようと思います。でも辞書を使うのはめんどっちい。なのでミッドナイト・ホテル2は間違ってるかも しれない外国語を使う事もしばしばだけど、もし良かったら読んでね。あとネタが被ってるかもしれないのも、突っ込む必要はないってことでw


2006年08月06日(日) 10時31分


2006年08月06日(日) 20時35分

2006年08月21日(月) 1時08分

Thursday, August 03, 2006

ミッドナイトホテル(仮 : 真夏の昼の悪夢

おひさでぇす。7月はお休みいただいちゃいました。今日は、夏らしく海の話!明日も多分海の話!飽きるまで海!出来事が個人的にショックだったので気持ち悪く書こうと思います。 先週末は家族とスキンシップ☆



























Wednesday, August 02, 2006

monologue : summer and beach and something

YEAHHH!!!! I love summer. Don't you? And that's the very clear sky of Valencia.

Here the summer is too hot, I'm always sweating. This is imposible to stop, everytime I drink or everytime I move, I start to sweat like a shower. I complain about this but still, I do love summer.

Well, but the best of summer is the beach. I've always been in a place with beach near, until I went to Wales countryside for a while. Oh I have to say that I loved very very much the lakes, dams and rivers there, I would have stayed longer, but nothing compares to the beach in summer!!!!

There's something that gives me the blues. It makes me sick when I find plastic bags, condoms, bandaids, every kind of trash. People don't care about it but I really hate that. Oh I heard that there's a plague of jellyfish in the Mediterranean coast of Spain, but at least that is not the case of our Malvarrosaaaaaa!!! I don't understand that because that beach is the dirtiest one here. Maybe it's too dirty even for jellyfish :P I'm kidding.

All this just to upload the picture I took last week. It's disgusting so be careful if you don't like seeing such a thing. グロ注意!

I found it:

WHAT THE F*** IS THAT?!?!?!?! Σ(゚д゚;)

It's shocking. I was curious and came neear to that awful dead thing and I think that was a poor rabbit. Not a dog as I expeced. I've never seen a rabbit in a beach. Strange.

But finding a watermelon playing with the waves is as weird as the rabbit. In Japan there's a popular game called suikawari スイカ割り which consist: a person has to tie a clothes around the head so he cannot see anything, and he has to try to hit the watermelon with a stick. He can hear people saying "right!!" "left!!" And then you're gonna share the fruit. Wow that sounds so stupid and... actually I've never done it! It should be funny if you're with good friends (´∀`)But I wanted to say that this is Spain and Spanish don't play suikawari!!!

OK this was the mistery of the week.

See U〜

monologue : Hi Friends

How are you all??

This is the first time I'm writing in English but it's important for me, I don't want to forget this language, I mean, I don't know much but I want to keep learning. Anyway, I think it would be funny if I use three language here :D

As you can see, my trouble with the Mac has finished. I don't know why, but now I can write and upload things. Suddendly I was just curious and I've visited my page a couple of minutes ago, and I've seen that it's still alive. You know, I forgot even the address of this blog, so I had to visit my Japanese blog first (oh sh*t I've got to write it too, ONE MONTH OFF), and click the link.

Special thanx to みき嬢 who wrote me a messege in the last entry, I've never read it! And it was in January... Girl, I strongly respect you. You're the funniest.

Sorry if there's any gramatical mistakes, I hope I'm able to improve.

Hola los de habla española!!

Pues ahora parece que pueda usar este blog con mi ordenador, así que espero poder escribir cosas de vez en cuando.